The Agile BI Book

We are writing a book about Agile Business Intelligence (BI)!

Currently, „we“ means Severin, Jennifer and I myself. Maybe more will join the authoring team as we are writing the book – guess what – in an agile manner. Some of you already participated in the preparation phase last year an answered the SMIQ survey (SMIQ stands for Single Most Important Question). Based on this valuable input we run a 48 hour workshop together with our publisher Vasco Duarte a few weeks ago. During that workshop we worked on who is our target audience, the book’s story map and finally writing the first three chapters. You can read them already now, just register here:

Become a beta reader now!

Both, Agile BI as well as writing a book is a big adventure. For Agile BI we started out on a journey more than ten years ago. In the meanwhile, an agile project delivery specifically adapted to the Business Intelligence and data warehousing domain became the default option when working with IT-Logix. The road wasn’t just smooth but sometimes bumpy. With every project you learn a little bit more what works and what doesn’t. It’s exactly this kind of experience we want to share with you! In the first three chapters we tell you three stories where we succeeded with an agile project delivery. We give you an overview of helpful methods and tools which you can use yourself when working in an agile BI context. The first three chapters are already a good overview map. What follows in the upcoming months is a more detailed „GPS“ for your own Agile BI journey. For now, we are asking you to become part of our book writing journey: You can do so by becoming a beta reader and give us direct input on what we should change, add or even remove from the book. We are looking forward to receiving your feedback! In addition, you can follow #AgileBIBook on LinkedIn and Twitter and stay up to date on the book writing process. Don’t forget to like our posts and share it with your own followers. Thank you!

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